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Food is Medicine

Regina's Catering is a health-conscious catering and meal prep company that specializes in healthy, calorie counted meal preparation. We offer vegan, plant-based, gluten-free meal prep options, (as well as meat as your protein source if you so choose,) for individuals or entire families. Then, we deliver them directly to your home or office. Regina's has been serving fitness enthusiasts, corporate professionals, and seniors with dietary goals and restrictions in Sacramento and surrounding areas for almost a decade. Our philosophy in the kitchen is that "food is medicine," and is inspired by giving people the joy of feeling better and healthier due to nutritional and delicious food. We also constantly work on meal variations, incorporating new ingredients, and developing dishes that take inspiration from families and the local community.

We stand upon the foundations of faith, family, love, and community. It’s not just about food. We believe that the food we prepare will help our community be healthier, from the inside out, one meal at a time.


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